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Here are a couple of flies I rely on for Steelhead Fishing throughout the year. The Moosehair Muddler is tied in sizes 4 through 4/0, and seems to be a good imitation of the local sculpins in the area. I fish it on a floating line slightly wieghted to keep it just under the surface, but it also can work well fished in the surface film or skated. It is most effective when fished on a sink tip near the bottom. This fly has been productive for trout, Coho and Chinooks, and is an excellent Char and Steelhead fly.

This articulated version is proving to be one of the most productive Steelhead flies I have ever fished!

Articulated Leeches fish well year round on a floating or a sink-tip line. They are easy to cast and have such a wonderful motion in the water I've even had a seagull go for one! I tie it in a few different colors, (my favorites are purple and pink),and when a standard down and accross drift isn't working, try a strip and pause retrive, especially when Coho are around! Fishing the main Skeena River itself, sink tips rule,( 300 to 400 grains are usefull). Generally I fish it slightly weighted and on floating lines on the smaller rivers, and sink tips of various weights on the big waters like the Skeena and Kalum.

Needing a larger minnow pattern that casted and swam well led to developing an articulated minnow which has now found a permanent place in the fly box. It has proven to be an excellent Coho fly, as well as being very effective on trout, pinks and Steelhead.

But let's not forget Randy's FryGuy,(credit goes to Lani Waller, as this is a seriosly downsized version of his La Sardinia fly from some 20 yrs. or so ago)tied mostly on #8 and #6 saltwater hooks, this little guy catches trout and Steelhead as well as ever, and can be cast easily on rod weights from #4 and up! Best fished mid to late fall, and then again from late winter through to early June.

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